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Hotel Wellness Hotel Patince****

The Wellness Center Hotel Patince is a four star hotel connected with the  Wellness Center. The hotel provides accommodation in modern furnished rooms and luxurious suites. It is also adjusted to... more »


  • Weekend stay, Parkhotel Baracka

    Weekend stay

    Trencianske Teplice 2 Ngts

    from 84.5 139/stay
  • Stay for seniors, Hviezda

    Stay for seniors

    Dudince 4 Ngts

    from 228 304/stay
  • Family stay, Aqua

    Family stay

    Turcianske Teplice 2 Ngts

    from 76 152/stay
  • Relax stay, Kaskady

    Relax stay

    Sliac and surroundings 2 Ngts

    from 107.8 154/stay


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